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Puzzle Puppers

Made by Cardboard Keep

Available Now

Game Description
Puzzle Puppers is a puzzle game about stretching cute dogs to their food bowls.

Easy to learn, difficult to master with deceptively simple puzzles and mechanics.

Features include:

  • Bonus Hams - collect all of these and you'll unlock special levels!

  • Holes - portals that teleport the dog elsewhere in the level.

  • Rivers - swim with caution, they wash your doggos downstream!

  • Multiple food bowls - so many choices, but which one is the right one?

  • Contains 80 levels with a challenge for all skill levels, ranging from casual puzzle player to the most hardcore puzzle fans.

  • Activate your Steam key (included) to unlock Achievements, Trading Cards and Emoticons!

  • Who's a good dog? You are! Yes you are!