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Made by Ghostbolt Games

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Game Description
Flying through treacherous terrain, avoiding dangerous enemies, while scavenging everything you can find. Scrapper is an action packed space flight rogue-lite pitting you against dangerous sectors of space. How long can you survive?


Procedurally Generated: The worlds and levels that are created in Scrapper use a chunk-based procedural generation system, making each and every run unique and creates fast-paced semi-randomized events within the core gameplay itself.

Modifiable Ships: The ships featured in Scrapper allow the player to change certain parts of the vessel changing it visually and functionally, giving the player the freedom to tailor the game to their play style.

Rogue-lite Gameplay: Scrapper gameplay is focused on it’s short, action packed rogue-lite experience. Over the course of gameplay the player will accrue experience and ‘scrap’ which they will use to further unlock ships, parts and levels.

Leaderboards: Players will get the chance to compete with their friends and others players around the world as they attempt to gain the highest scores and secure bragging rights as the best pilot in the galaxy!