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Made by Threebeak

Available Soon

Game Description
Through a city governed by a bizarre system, you sneak under cover of darkness withnaught but your trusty shoes and a mysterious tape recorder that can rewind time. Delve deeper into the mystery of this town and uncover the secrets behind the system and its elusive "Representative".

Armed with only the shoes from your feet, manipulate time and use your sneaky stealth skills to slip through ranks of guards to carry out your super-classified covert spy missions to become the very best Sneakret Agent that ever existed!

Control Tim

Tired of dealing with the repercussions of your mistakes? Ever wish subterfuge had an 'undo' function?

 Enter Sneaker's state of the art rewind system!

 Hold the rewind button on your trusty Tape Recorder and marvel as your ill-advised actions are reversed before your eyes! Simply release that same button to kick existence back into gear.

 Never lose a second of progress! Experiment to your hearts content! It's save scumming, made intuitive!