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if not us

Made by ub4q

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Game Description (from Presskit or store page)
Seven years ago, five heroes were brought together to save the world. Their success came at the cost of their leader's life; the secret behind it cost them their friendship.
Now they've been summoned for a new heroic quest. 
if not us is about the moment when they realise everything isn't going to be okay.

Five short stories from five alternate timelines, each from the perspective of a different character and with new insight into the overarching narrative.

  • Each story has its own style of interaction: watch your life flash before your eyes, write a letter to your loved ones, plead your case, or just stand still and think for a while.

  • Some of our heroes may yet turn away from their deadly fates, some may succumb, and some may need convincing.

  • Nearly 30,000 words of branching narratives.

  • The stories in the anthology can be played in (nearly) any order, but you might find yourself revisiting one or two later with new insight.

  • I hope you like dramatic irony.

  • And big women with horns.