Blue Manchu

Blue Manchu is an indie team of industry vets dedicated to making unusual, original games that always have a strategic twist.
Headed up by Jonathan Chey, one of the co-founders of Irrational Games, our first product was the collectible card game homage to retro RPGs, Card Hunter. After learning how to develop persistent online free-to-play games, we’re following that up with a single-player first-person shooter - because why not?

Games: Void Bastards, Card Hunter
Twitter: @BlueManchuGames

Shy Kids Club Logo Square.png

Shy Kids Club

Shy Kids Club is a Husband and Wife indie dev team based in Canberra, Australia.
They love playing games together and are making games you can play together too!

Games: With Friends Like These
Twitter: @_shykidsclub

Uppercut_Games Logo.png

Uppercut Games

Uppercut Games is an independent video game development studio founded in 2011 by Ed Orman, Andrew James and Ryan Lancaster.

In 2012, Uppercut expanded to include John Travers and Evan Zachariadis, with Ben Driehuis joining in 2014.

Games: City of Brass, Submerged, Danger Dodgers, EPOCH 2, SnowJinks, EPOCH
Twitter: @UppercutGames


Tech Tree Interactive

Tech Tree Interactive is a Canberra based development studio that specialises in creating content and supplying services for Game Development and Interactive Media projects.

Our team offers a wide range of content creation and development services, calling upon on over 30 years experience creating games and interactive media in the marketplace.

Wildgrass Games Logo.jpg

Wildgrass games

Our small team at Wildgrass strives upon the ideal of creating a wide variety of compact experiences that are packed with memorable moments and respect for the players time.

Games: Bearzerkers
Twitter: @WildgrassGames

Lightning rock.png

Lightning Rock

Lightning Rock has extensive experience in a large range of technologies. Our team comes from diverse backgrounds giving us a wide range of experiences in different technologies. While we are happy to work with almost any tools and technologies, we focus on a set of key technologies we believe will help turn your idea into a product quickly and cost effectively.

Games: Marble Mountain

Gostbolt Games Logo.jpg

Ghostbolt Games

Ghostbolt Games is a independent games company based in Canberra, Australia. It was founded in 2016 by Jack Ewens, Michael Lenarcic, Llewelyn Byrd and Andrew Stark.

Games: Scrapper
Twitter: @GhostBoltGames

Cardboard Keep Square Logo.jpg

Cardboard Keep

The founders of Cardboard Keep met in 2011 while studying together at AIE Canberra.

We believe the medium of games has an amazing future ahead and we'd like to be at ground zero to shape and experience it's evolution. We're driven by a passion to make games that we love and that tell incredible stories and facilitate engaging play.

Games: Warden: Melody of the Undergrowth, Puzzle Puppers, Attrition: Tactical Fronts, Witch Thief
Twitter: @cardboardkeep

Upsurge Studios Logo Square 500px.jpg

Upsurge Studios

Upsurge Studios is a premium art outsourcing studio. We focus on providing a wide range of quality services in both the entertainment and e-learning industries.

Our goal is to create immersive visuals based on our exact client needs with absolutely no compromise in quality at an affordable price. We are a tight knit team of handpicked, game industry veterans who live and breathe our art form. We are also proud pioneers in next gen 3D graphic creation in Australia.
Twitter: @StudiosUpsurge

Iron Helmet Games Logo Square.jpg

Iron helmet games

Iron Helmet Games is an independent studio Founded by Jay Kyburz developing strategy games with an emphasis on diplomacy and social interaction.

Games: Buccaneers, Bounty & Boom!, Blight of the Immortals, Neptune’s Pride


THree Beak


Siege Sloth Games

Games: Pocket Bonsai